Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Security Guard in Waukesha Pulls Gun On Co-Worker To Be 'Funny'

WAUKESHA, WI May 24 2017 — Waukesha police had to arrest a security guard in charge of helping to guard the apartment at 322 Maple Ave. after he reportedly pulled a gun and a knife on another security guard because he thought "it would be funny."
According to the police report, a caller who works for a security company that was guarding the Maple Ave. apartments that had caught fire earlier,  met another employee in the parking lot Sunday around 11 p.m. when he pointed a black handgun at the woman.
She also reported that the same man pulled a knife on her earlier.

Police reports indicate the man was located in the Library parking lot in his vehicle.
Police took him into custody just after midnight.
Police did not release the name of the arrested security guard.

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