Monday, May 22, 2017

Man charged after walking around ShopKo wearing a sex toy

Reginald A. Rigsby

Madison County WI May 22 2017 A 40-year-old homeless man was charged Friday with stealing condoms and two sex toys from a Far East Side department store and exposing himself and wearing one of the sex toys while walking around the store.
Reginald A. Rigsby, who is a registered sex offender, was charged with retail theft, lewd and lascivious behavior and obstructing an officer following the incident in Shopko, 2201 Zeier Road, around 3 p.m. Wednesday.
He was released from Dane County Jail Friday after posting $500 bail.
According to a criminal complaint:
A security officer at Shopko told a Madison police officer he watched surveillance video of a man, later identified as Rigsby, grab a box of condoms off a shelf in the store and then walk to another location in the store. The security officer then watched Rigsby conceal the condoms, walk back to the shelf where the condoms were located and grab a sex toy made by the same manufacturer of the condoms.
At that point, the security officer said he observed Rigsby exposing himself and wearing the sex toy and walking up and down two aisles. The security officer offered a description of Rigsby for police and told them the store wanted the man permanently banned from it.
Rigsby was identified later on Wednesday as the man described by the Shopko security officer on a bus stopped on the 3200 block of East Washington Avenue. The complaint did not say how Madison police were alerted to the bus.
After Rigsby walked off the bus with a police officer, he ran away and crossed three lanes of heavy traffic on East Washington Avenue. Two officers chased Rigsby and apprehended him at the intersection of Commercial Avenue and Rethke Avenue on the East Side.
Later, Rigsby told an officer that, looking back, it wasn't a good idea to expose himself in a public place with his history of sex offenses.
In June 2012, Rigsby began living as a registered sex offender in Waukesha after the Wisconsin Department of Justice lost a two-year fight to have him committed as a sexually violent person. By that point, Rigsby had been charged numerous times with exposing himself in public and he also served eight years in prison for a burglary in Waukesha County that the DOJ said was sexually motivated.
After the DOJ lost the case, Waukesha police announced Rigsby's return to the community with a news release that said, “Reginald Rigsby has a history of masturbating in public while looking at or talking to adult females. He has tried to grab women in the past while masturbating. He has also hidden himself in public areas designated for women, such as bathrooms, changing rooms and saunas.” 

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