Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Howard University fires 3 campus police officers after wheelchair patient left at bus stop

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Washington DC May 31 2017 Howard University officials have fired two campus police officers and their supervisor, who were involved with dumping a patient from a wheelchair and leaving her lying on the ground at a bus stop near the hospital.
Two of the officers, a man and a woman, were terminated; a third, a male supervisor who ordered that the patient be taken from the hospital, also was fired, according to Gabriel Adegoke, president of the Metropolitan Campus Police Officers Union, which represents the officers.
The incident, which occurred last month and was captured on video, appears to show a male officer pushing the barefoot woman in the chair along Georgia Avenue. The woman’s legs are flung in the air when the officer stops abruptly and she tumbles out of the chair.
A second male officer and a female officer watched as the woman hits the ground. The female officer throws up her gloved hand and tells the male officers to “leave her there.”
The second male officer was not terminated,  Adegoke said.

Howard spokeswoman Crystal Brown did not return a phone call Tuesday seeking comment.

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