Tuesday, May 2, 2017

4 people arrested after theft at Harris County Home Depot privateofficer.com

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas May 2 2017 - Four people were arrested this week after a theft at a Home Depot, according to the Harris County Constable's Office, Precinct 4.
Deputies were dispatched Wednesday to the store in the 20100 block of the North Freeway.
Witnesses told deputies that the suspects entered the store, stole items and fled in a white vehicle.
Authorities said Home Depot security personnel were able to follow the suspects in a vehicle. The personnel also called Precinct 4 dispatch to report the direction in which the group was fleeing.
Constable patrol deputies set up a rolling police perimeter and intercepted the suspects' vehicle in the 20000 block of the North Freeway. Deputies said the four people inside the vehicle were arrested.
The four suspects were positively identified by witnesses. Deputies said several power tools that had been taken in the theft and that were valued at $1,100 were recovered by constable investigators.
Video from within the store showed two of the suspects enter the store, take items and then flee without paying. They went to the vehicle in the parking lot, where the other two suspects were waiting with the sliding door open, authorities said.
Constable investigators were also able to connect the same four people to a similar theft at the Home Depot store in Porter earlier in the day. Authorities said investigators will coordinate with Montgomery County law enforcement officials on the theft in Porter to ensure more criminal charges are filed.
The Harris County District Attorney's Office accepted charges of organized retail theft on all four people, authorities said.
"The retail businesses in our area can rest easy with these suspected thieves off our streets," Constable Mark Herman said. "Our streets are much safer with all four in the Harris County Jail."
The four suspected thieves were identified by deputies as Salvador Delgado, 50; Chayne Crossley, 42; Ellis Crossley, 47; and a woman who has not yet been formally charged.

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