Monday, April 17, 2017

Florida nightclub security bouncer dies from vehicle assault

Hallandale FL April 17 2017 A security nightclub bouncer who was run down at a local bar in Hallandale Beach, Florida, has died from injuries he sustained.
In late March a patron who had not paid his bill, jumped into his vehicle and then struck a security guard as he tried fleeing the property.
Joseph Curtis, 53, was in a medically-induced coma since the March 16 incident before dying April 7. In the incident, he suffered a lacerated kidney, fractured vertebra and internal bleeding, per the Orlando Sun Sentinel.
Meanwhile, the man driving the car that hit Curtis, Diego Salazar Uribe, has entered a plea of not guilty in court to charges of attempted murder.
On March 16, Uribe was dining and drinking at Ocean’s 11 Sports Lounge & Grill, north of Miami. When he attempted to pay his bill with a debit card, the card was declined, according to CBS Miami. Curtis then escorted Uribe to his car so he could get another form of payment.
However, Uribe got into his car and did not come out, despite Curtis “banging” on the window, according to arrest records.
Uribe then pulled out of his parking spot quickly in reverse. As he did so, Curtis pushed a woman in the parking lot out of the way, apparently afraid that she might be hit. Uribe then pulled forward and drove into Curtis, knocking him over.
He then drove over Curtis’s body before leaving the scene, according to witnesses’ accounts.

Uribe was charged with attempted murder.
His plea of not guilty was entered April 11, after Curtis’s death, but it is unclear if the charges will be upgraded.
Per the Sun Sentinel, Uribe was arrested twice in 2016 for dining and dashing at local restaurants.
There was also an active warrant for his arrest for driving with a suspended license.

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