Monday, April 10, 2017

Baton Rouge home invasion suspects flashed badges, yelled police

BATON ROUGE, La. April 10 2017
Police say two men robbed a Baton Rouge home, forcing their way in by pretending to be police officers.
Louisiana State Police officers arrested 32-year-old Chad Phillips and 21-year-old Davante Brooks.
According to officers, the pair went to a home and knocked on the door, showing a badge to the person inside. They were not let in, according to police, so they kicked the door in and yelled "police, get on the ground," while armed with a pistol. The pair then burglarized the residence and took several of the victim's belongings.
Officers say Phillips and Brooks drove away in a vehicle. When the officer saw the vehicle, the pair exited and fled on foot, as officers yelled for them to stop. Officers found the pair a short distance away, placing them in custody.
Phillips was transported to OLOL for evaluation and treatment of injuries sustained while fleeing and being taken into police custody, according to officers.
Phillips was arrested on charges of aggravated burglary, impersonating a police officer, and felon in possession of a firearm. Brooks was charged with aggravated burglary, impersonating a police officer, and resisting arrest.

They were transported into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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