Monday, March 13, 2017

Milwaukee Police officer, wife dead in apparent murder suicide

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. March 13 2017 - An apparent domestic violence incident led to a murder suicide Saturday involving a Milwaukee  Police officer and his wife.
The shooting happened Saturday afternoon near 91st Street and Bradley Road.
Sources tell TODAY'S TMJ4 that it was the officer that used the gun.
Court records show the couple that lived in the house where the shooting happened filed for a divorce last year.
“It’s reality that we have to continue to understand that the same power and forces that fight for the good in the community sometimes are challenged by their own battles that no one knows about,” said longtime neighbor Paul Prostinak. “You never know what’s next door and we can’t judge, we can’t criticize.”
Despite not knowing the two involved, Prostinak said this tragedy is taking an emotional toll on the entire block.
“It’s a wake up call,” he said.
Many in the community are now sending thoughts and prayers to both grieving families.

Police are not looking for any additional suspects. They plan to provide more information on the shooting Monday morning.

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