Friday, March 3, 2017

Houston security officers in shoot-out with suspect burglars

HOUSTON TX March 3 2017 Houston security officers patrolling a local neighborhood found themselves in the middle of an all-out gunfight.
As the bullets were flying in the Glenshire Subdivision, some of the first on the scene were the security officers patrolling the area.
The details of what went down two days ago are unreal. The Southwest Houston security officers went from Tuesday morning monotony to being caught in an all-out gunfight.
“It was boom, boom, boom, boom, boom about seven rounds,” explains Captain David Green with Armed Security on Bikes.  Green says the gunshots seemed to go on forever. The company has been patrolling Glenshire for years but Tuesday was like no other.
"We had our weapons and we ran for cover.  I had my duty weapon accessible, ready.  I got down real low with my gun like this as I'm casing the perimeter trying to see if the suspect is coming my way,” Captain Green explains.
Just before the bullets broke the peace and quiet the first call for help came in to the security company. "You've been burglarized?” The dispatcher asks.  "We're in route to you”.
"We went in through the back.  Their door was kicked in and the hinges had come off the door,” says Captain Green.  Then they received another burglary call a stone’s throw away.
  ”Right next door".  Captain Green says he couldn't believe when a third burglary was also reported.  “They were basically just going house to house".
A resident spotted one of the suspects.  ”She notified us to let us know she saw someone hop the fence in her backyard". 
Armed Security on Bikes is owned by former police officer Arthur Chatman Jr.  All of Chatman's guys are current or former law enforcement officers.

“The reason being, we need our officers to know the law while patrolling.  After all we are carrying guns,” explains Chatman.  They are certified to carry guns on duty.
None of the security officers were injured in the shooting.
Police have not made any arrests so far.

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