Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bill would allow Fairlane Mall security to make arrests


Dearborn MI March 22 2017 A new bill recently introduced by state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) would allow security guards at Fairlane Town Center to make arrests and hold offenders until Dearborn police arrive.
The legislation would require security guards to undergo additional training and licensing in order to make arrests and would require the approval of a holding cell by the Dearborn City Council.
Hammoud said he worked on the bill with city officials and the Dearborn Police Department as a means of support for local police.
If passed, the bill would give the mall the ability to have security guards hold people in waiting cells until the police arrive.
“This helps reduce the burden on our police in a high volume facility, allowing for time to get to the mall should there be an escalation of sorts,” Hammoud said.
House Bill 4347 would amend the Private Security Business and Security Alarm Act.
“The safety of residents and visitors is very important, and is vital to any successful community,” Hammoud said. “Fairlane is a large mall that provides several great opportunities and resources for the community. However, a facility as large as this requires additional security. I am proud to have coordinated with Police Chief Ronald Haddad on the introduction of this legislation, which we believe will help improve safety.”
The bill also allows the security company and Dearborn Police Department to coordinate and make sure that offenders are held securely at the mall before being picked up by police or for them to be transported to the police station.
The bill is a reintroduction of legislation from last term, with two additional provisions, according to Hammoud. One would allow a municipality to opt out of giving security guards arrest powers, and the other would require public notification with posted signs by entrances. The bill was drafted with the assistance of the Dearborn Police Department.

“I am grateful for the efforts by our legislators to adopt this bill that will greatly enhance public safety within the private sector,” Haddad said. “These partners have proven to be invaluable and will be a benefit for citizen and officer safety alike.”

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