Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Battle Creek police charge armed shoplifter after Target store incident

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Battle Creek MI March 1 2017 A 20-year-old Springfield man was arrested on a charge of armed robbery after Battle Creek police said he attempted to steal items from Target at 5700 Beckley Road and then used a knife to threaten a security officer who tried to stop him.
Officers were called at 10:51 a.m. Monday. 
The security officer said he saw the man take a backpack to a clothing section and fill it with clothes.
As the man walked out of the store he was stopped by the security officer and first agreed to talk but then told the security officer to take the backpack because he had someplace to go.
The security officer said he realized the man had a pocket knife pointed at him.
The man fled, but when police arrived a customer told officers the man was hiding in the changing rooms of a nearby store.
Police found him and he was arrested while still holding a knife.
His name was not released.

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