Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Atlanta police officer working private security shoots driver

ATLANTA GA March 1 2017 - The GBI is still investigating a weekend officer-involved shooting, but just days after a driver was shot by the Atlanta Police officer, there are still several unanswered questions.
On Sunday, an officer shot 46-year-old Noel Hall outside the Georgia Dome where people were leaving a motocross event, officials said. The GBI told 11Alive the police officer was conducting traffic and ordered Hall to go one direction down Northside Drive, but reportedly, he wanted to go another direction.
The driver then turned onto Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. and drove toward the officer who was directing traffic. The officer opened fire, hitting and injuring the driver. One of the five passengers in the van called 911 after the shots were fired.
It's still unclear at this time, why the officer opened fire on the driver. According to officials, the officer was serving as a hired security guard outside event when the shooting happened. Police said the officer, whose name has not yet been released, is a member of APD's field operations division.
According to attorney Lance Lurusso, even though a peace officer may get part-time security work, they still have the full rights as an officer. In this case, Lorusso said it's the perceived threat that counts.
"What's going to matter, is from the perspective of the officer, did the officer reasonably believe the person presented a threat," he asked.
"There were nine officers killed in vehicular assaults," said attorney Lance Lorusso. "The particular danger of a vehicle being used as a weapon, not a great deal of speed is required.
Most of the time if a car hits a pedestrian at 20, 25 miles per hour, it will be a fatal wreck."
Atlanta Police, however, had not indicated whether or not that officer felt threatened.
"We're not at the point where we're going to say that the officer was threatened or the officer was not threatened," APD spokesman Warren Pickard said.

11Alive reached out for an incident report from the shooting, but on Monday evening it had not been released. Police said they plan to release the officer's name and other documents Tuesday.

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