Thursday, February 16, 2017

Virginia Beach woman accused of impersonating police officer to get prescription drugs

Maura Eddiani, 25, is accused of using fake identification to try and get prescription drugs from a pharmacy in December 2016. (Courtesy of the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office)
VIRGINIA BEACH VA Feb 16 2017 — A 25-year-old woman is facing felony charges after police said she impersonated an officer while trying to get prescription drugs from a pharmacy.
Maura Eddiani is accused of using fake identification on Dec. 13, 2016 to try and get prescription drugs from a pharmacy located in the 4500 block of Virginia Beach Boulevard. She also told the pharmacist that she was a police officer, although she wasn’t wearing a uniform and didn’t have credentials, said Virginia Beach Police Officer Linda Kuehn.
Kuehn said Eddiani impersonated an officer to make herself seem more reliable.
Eddiani was charged with felony attempting to obtain drugs by fraud or forgery and misdemeanor impersonating a police office on Dec. 21, 2016. She is being held in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, and her case is scheduled to go before a grand jury on Feb. 21.
If a grand jury finds enough evidence against Eddiani to certify her case, she could appear for trial on April 19.

There are also six other active prescription drug fraud cases against Eddiani in Virginia Beach stemming from a June 2016 incident. All of the charges are currently under advisement.
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