Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stamford security officer receives award for aiding in burglary arrest

Security guard David Martin, flanked by assistant police chiefs James Matheny (left) and Tom Wuennemann as Martin was given Stamford's Outstanding Citizens Award by the police comission. Photo: Stamford Police / Contributed

STAMFORD CT Feb 8 2017 A security guard at a downtown office building who helped police find what one prosecutor described as a “professional burglar” was given Stamford’s Outstanding Citizen Award on Monday night.
Security Guard David Martin Jr. received the award from the Stamford Police Commission two months after he helped police identify Robert Butler, 58, who allegedly broke into Martin’s office building at 1055 Washington Boulevard on Dec. 3.
Bureau of Criminal Investigations Lt. Thomas Barcello said Martin helped police wind up their investigation into a spate of downtown burglaries at the end of last year.
“We can’t do it all and we need the help of citizens like David,” Barcello said. “They are our eyes and ears and we just put the pieces together.”
Police say moments after Martin (no relation to Stamford Mayor David Martin) reported the suspicious person and provided a description of the suspect, a police officer on nearby West Broad Street spotted a man on foot fitting the burglar’s description.
After the officer stopped the man, Martin was brought to the scene where he positively identified Butler as the man he spotted inside his building.
Martin, who works for Century Protective Services Inc., even told police that when he confronted the man and asked who he was, the man seemed unconcerned. “The door was (expletive deleted) open,” replied the man as he walked off into the night.
After Martin called police, they examined the building and observed pry marks on a door frame leading to offices inside the building, police report of the incident said. Two days later at the start of the work week a report was made to police from an office holder in the building about desks having been rummaged through and items stolen over the weekend, the report said.
According to the award, Martin’s “attentiveness and quick action” lead to the arrest of Butler, who has since been linked to seven other burglaries that occurred in downtown office buildings between August and December of 2016.

Two weeks ago, Butler was brought to Stamford from Bridgeport Correctional Center, where he has been held on the burglary charge from early December and charged with several other downtown burglaries. At his arraignment, Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Steven Weiss called Butler “a professional burglar.” He is currently being held in lieu of a $255,000 court appearance bond. His cases are pending.
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