Monday, February 27, 2017

Northeastern Health System security officer scores ninth in nation in fitness challenge

NHS security guard scores ninth in nation in fitness challenge

Tahlequah, OK Feb 27 2017
Northeastern Health System offers healthy meal options and a yearly weight-loss challenge to increase and maintain the health of its employees.
Employee wellness programs have been proved to reduce health care costs and absenteeism and increase productivity. One NHS employee, Security Guard Joseph Spriggs, has taken health to a new level.
Spriggs, who is part of the NHS wellness team, uploads his fitness device to, a website that logs activity minutes from participant devices such as Garmin or Fitbit. MyInertia is an online program used by people across the country. Spriggs recently was ranked ninth in the nation.
Spriggs joined the NHS challenge to compete with a couple of co-workers, never expecting to be ranked so high.
"I actually stay active a lot outside of work," said Spriggs. "I go and play basketball when I get the chance, and also try to exercise twice a day, before and after work. I also put in a lot of minutes at work. Working security helps because we are constantly making rounds around all of the hospital floors and property."
NHS began this fitness challenge with a grant from Ardmore Institute of Health. The NHS teams scored higher than any other group participating in the Fitness Activity Grant, earning NHS an additional $2,400 in grant money to be used for future wellness initiatives.

"To me, if I am able to stay in the top 10, that would be a great accomplishment, because it wasn't even a goal at first," said Spriggs. "I would like that No. 1 spot, though, so that might be a new challenge for me.

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