Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Men with ski-masks, rifles and body armor enter police station to file complaint

Screen shot from video
Dearborn MI Feb 8 2017
Officers at a Michigan police station were jolted into high alert after two heavily-armed men walked into the station- with the intent of lodging a complaint against the department.
A surfaced video on Reddit shows two men -one sporting a ski-mask and AK-pattern semiautomatic rifle- entering the police station, armed with cameras, body armor and small arms.
The duo reported that they were heading into the station to file a complaint.
“We’re going to go in and file a complaint because we were illegally pulled over about an hour ago,” the masked man said as he hefted his cheaply-furnished AK rifle. “We felt a little afraid for our lives as we were pulled over so we figured we better protect ourselves.”
As the men entered the main lobby of the station, officers quickly took note of the situation, drawing their sidearms.
“Dude put that on the ground,” one officer says, the sound of weapons unholstering clearly audible in the background.
The two protesting men continued to advance, seemingly confused before coming to a halt.
“I will put a round in you, sir,” the lawman shouts, his hoarse tone indicative of the tension in the air.
“What the hell is the matter with you?!” another officer inquired in disbelief.
A standoff ensued before the two men complied with their respective issued instructions, with the masked man and his cohort complaining the entire time as officers detained them.
While the video footage freezes, audio can clearly be heard.
The two men -Anarcho-capitalist James V. Baker and Brandon Vreeland- were heard defending their actions, citing that their carrying of the weapons in the open was legal.
According to anti-police/ law enforcement filming advocacy sources, the two were arrested around 3PM on Sunday and were released shortly before midnight. The charges were those of resisting, breach of peace and failure to comply. Their cameras and weapons were returned to them.

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