Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hotel Davenport defends security measures after fatal shooting


DAVENPORT, IA. Feb 15 2017 Officials at Hotel Davenport are defending their security measures after a fatal shooting took place during a concert Saturday night.
According to police, two individuals were shot and sent to the hospital.
One person was treated and released, but the other 29-year-old Marques Cotton of Peoria, Illinois died of his wounds.
Director of Marketing, Shill Massey, said she took extra measures to ensure that it would be a safe event. Massey said she worked with the concert promoter ahead of the event to work out final details.
“We agreed that we would provide half of the security, and they would provide half of the security,” Massey said.
The hotel provided six security guards and the promoter security had another six guards on-duty. According to Massey, there were four security checkpoints before attendees were allowed into the main concert ballroom.
Each attendee was required to be 18 years or older, and those 21 years and older were given a wristband.
Massey said she is confident with the security measures she had in place to prevent an incident like this.
“It was an unfortunate event and it was said that Davenport had to be a part,” Massey said.  “I think we did all that we could do to try to ensure and keep everyone safe.”
Hotel representatives said they will no longer allow Rap and R&B concerts to take place at the hotel. The incident is still under investigation by Davenport Police Department.
UPDATE: Police say the victim who died has been identified as 29-year-old Marques Cotton of Peoria, Illinois.


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