Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Denver Health security guard investigated for excessive force incident privateofficer.com

DENVER CO Feb 21 2017 — A security guard at Denver Health is accused of a tasing a man and beating him with a flashlight.
Multiple people reached out to FOX31 Denver about the case after seeing a post from ‎Michelle Martinez on Facebook. The photos of her son’s injuries are difficult to look at.
In the post, Martinez stated that her son, Nicolas Montez, Jr., arrived at Denver Health early Saturday morning, after he saw his brother get shot. She said the security guard attacked him without provocation.
“As [Nicolas] arrived the security guards instructed him to sit next the information desk, which he did. I was notified that my son was there waiting so I went to the ER waiting room,” Martinez stated. “Nick began to walk toward me once he saw me and was tackled by the security officer.”
“Another officer began punching him and kneeing him in the face. They tazed (sic) him and he fell to the ground they kneeled on his back and continued to taze him,” Martinez stated.
“He’s screaming, ‘My brother’s back there, my brother’s been shot, I’m trying to get to my brother,'” Martinez told FOX31 Denver.
Martinez said she was running toward the men when an officer pulled out a metal flashlight and started hitting her son on the head and face.
“Nick was down with his arms behind his back and the security guard went up with the flashlight and cracked his head open. You could hear it echo through the hallway,” Martinez told FOX31 Denver.
“I was helpless,” Martinez stated. “My mother came screaming and they put her in a police hold, she’s 64 years old.”
“No mother [should] to have to go through what I’ve gone through, watching my son get beat with a metal object and not be able to do anything,” Martinez said.
“This is not about color. My son is Hispanic, this is about injustice and unprovoked attacks by security officers in a position of trust,” she stated on Facebook.
Kelli Christensen, spokesperson for Denver Health, said the security guard has been put on leave. He works for HSS Security.

“We take this matter seriously and are currently investigating the events that occurred at our hospital early Saturday morning,” Christensen stated. “We are told by HSS that the security guard in question has been put on leave pending further investigation.”

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