Saturday, February 4, 2017

Atlanta Security Officer Carjacked

ATLANTA GA Feb 4 2017 - Investigators are searching for teenagers who carjacked a security officer working a local apartment complex.
Bulitoni Lulama has been paralyzed by fear.
He says, he cannot shake the anxiety and trepidation he felt the moment a group of teenagers put a gun to his head and stole his car.
Lulama said the incident happened while working security at The Pavillion Place Apartments.
Lulama is a part-time security guard at the complex and said he was sitting in his white Camry when three young boys walked up pretending to need directions to the closest MARTA stop.
Seconds later, the bad guys pulled open his door and pulled out a gun.
The trio jumped into the victim's car and took off.
But the next morning, officers spotted four suspects in the stolen car in southeast Atlanta.
Cops tried to pull them over, but instead the men gunned the gas.  A chase ensued.
Police reports Jaquez obtained said the driver somehow lost control of the car and careened into a utility pole along McDonough Boulevard, totaling the victim's car.
Investigators said the suspects all jumped out of the car. One of the men had a pellet gun in his hand.
The officers felt threatened so they opened fire, the report said.
No one was hurt.
Officers arrested two of the four suspects.

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