Monday, January 16, 2017

Woman pulls gun on Cottonwood Mall security

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Albuquerque NM Jan 16 2017
Police conducted an extensive search around Cottonwood Mall after a woman threatened mall security with a firearm when a male was apprehended for shoplifting.
According to police, the man caught shoplifting pepper sprayed an employee before he was tackled to the ground by mall security and witnesses.
At that time, a female suspect ran forward, demanding people to let go of the male, all while waving a gun. The woman said, "Let him go, I have a gun."
After more security officers arrived the woman fled and the male shoplifter was taken into custody.
Mall employees were directed to move to other areas of their stores and to secure in place and stay calm and quiet.
Shoppers who were stuck inside and had to b escorted out as police searched for the woman.
No injuries have been reported.

There was no word as to whether or not the woman was apprehended.

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