Saturday, January 14, 2017

Watertown Woman Arrested In Flower Library Theft

Watertown NY Jan 14 2017 A 34 year old Watertown woman is in jail after being accused of stealing a rare book as well as damaging another book and antique bookcase at the Flower Memorial Library.
City police charged Tiara Holbrook of 565 Mill Street, Apartment B, with fourth-degree criminal mischief and petit larceny.
On January 4, a security guard told police he escorted Holbrook out of one of the library's roped off rooms.
The guard said she had been standing near an antique bookshelf, which had an open glass door.
Library staff later found Holbrook on the lower floor, standing near two of the rare books, which belonged in the antique bookshelf.
Police said the books were found with a regular library book, which was torn apart in an attempt to use the cover to conceal the stolen books.
After the woman was escorted from the library, a review of the security video showed the female had damaged the bookshelf by scratching the finish and breaking the locks, as well as stealing books from the room.
An inventory of the books showed one of the books had not been recovered.
Officers were able to identify the woman by viewing the video.
Detectives located Holbrook at the Jefferson County Court facility.
She was interviewed and the stolen book was recovered, police said.
Holbrook allegedly caused more than $1,000 worth of damage to the antique bookcase.
Holbrook was taken to the Jefferson County Jail where she is being held on an unrelated charge.

She will be arraigned Friday in city court.

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