Monday, January 9, 2017

Security officers involved in 44 deadly force incidents in 9 days

Charlotte NC Jan 9 2017 Security officers have had to use deadly force to protect themselves in at least 44 incidents during the first nine days of 2017.
Of those deadly force incidents, 17 security officers were shot and security officers have shot and killed eleven people.

In the last three incidents, security officers came under attack at nightclubs including a shooting overnight in Adams County Colorado after three men ejected from the club quickly returned and began firing at the officers.
The security officers returned fire killing one person while detaining another.
Law enforcement has charged that person with murder and seven counts of attempted murder.

An Indiana mother and son security team also working at a local bar came under attack during the week-end when a teenager and a man tried robbing them at gunpoint.
The security officers shot and killed both persons.

Security officers also used deadly force to protect themselves in a shooting in Texas where a man engaged in an armed fight was shot and killed by a security officer.
A Houston Texas police officer working off-duty as a security officer at North Cypress Medical Center shot a gun wielding man last week after he got upset at how long he had to wait to be seen by a doctor.
Although he was shot numerous times, he is expected to survive.
Another shoot-out last week in Houston has left a security officer shot and in serious condition during what police believe was a robbery attempt. The security officer working at the gameroom observed two men enter and pull handguns and tried to stop them. Police say he then exchanged gunfire with the men and they fled.

Unarmed security officers have also been shot in eleven states and several, including one shot in Las Vegas and New York are in serious condition.

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