Friday, January 13, 2017

Security officer rescues burned woman after meth explosion

Mill Creek Hotel

LAKE GENEVA WI Jan 13 2017 -- A security guard who discovered a woman half-naked with first-degree burns all over her body is speaking out. It happened in Lake Geneva, following a meth explosion at The Cove hotel on Monday, January 9th.
The chief security officer said he at first thought the cries for help were fake and an attempt to lure him to a garage to be assaulted, but once he realized the situation that was unfolding, he jumped into action.
"It was a cry out for help. 'Somebody please help me. Please help me,'" said Dan Novotny, Mill Creek Hotel chief security officer. "I got on the intercom and I said 'can I help you with something?'"
During a shift like any other, 52-year-old Novotny saw a woman he won't soon forget.
"She was burned really bad from head to toe. Her clothes were burned off. She was crying. She was in need of a rescue," said Novotny.
Novotny has been a security guard at the Mill Creek Hotel for three years. One of his habits during his shift is to keep his intercom on at all times.
"She was over here kind of hunched down screaming 'help me! Help me! Please somebody help me,'" said Novotny.
A 35-year-old half-naked woman with burns all over her body wearing a winter coat wandered from The Cove hotel, into part of the parking garage at the Mill Creek Hotel.
"How did she get burned this bad and make it here to our hotel?" Novotny wondered.
Police say at 3:15 a.m. Monday morning, the woman suffered first-degree burns from a meth explosion inside a room at The Cove hotel. Charges related to meth production have already been filed against a 50-year-old man also inside the room.
Novotny said at first she made up a story about her injuries, but the origins of her injuries were soon connected to The Cove hotel. Novotny said on a night as cold as Monday, he's glad he was able to help.
"She couldn't make it too far. If I hadn't heard her down here, I don't know what she would've done," said Novotny.

Novotny also said he was able to keep the woman calm while an ambulance arrived. Police are waiting for her to get treatment before they get a statement from her about what happened.

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