Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NYPD officer commits suicide

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Staten Island NY Jan 18 2017 A 31-year-old police officer who shot himself in the neck at his Staten Island home early Tuesday has died, police sources said.
Officer Yong Yun, a nearly decade-long member of the department assigned to the 120th Precinct, shot himself in the neck in suburban Arden Heights at about 5 a.m., sources said.
Paramedics rushed him to Staten Island University Hospital South, where he died at about 5:30 a.m., according to sources.
An investigation into why Yun took his own life was ongoing.
Sources with knowledge of his death said that the cop had a gambling and drinking problem and was recently denied a transfer out of the 120th Precinct, according to officials.
Neighbors said a man they believe was Yun was seen heavily intoxicated at about 2 a.m. Tuesday — about three hours before his death, although it was not immediately clear if this played a role in his death.
Neighbors said the officer wasn’t married and lived with his parents.
“He was a sweetheart, always a good guy,” said Richie Manzi, 48, Yun’s former neighbor. “He loved being a cop. He enjoyed the job. I remember when he was going to start, he was looking forward to going on (the force).”
Yun and his family were perfect neighbors, residents said.
“They are very nice people, very quiet. They keep to themselves,” said George Quevedo, 61, who lives across the street. “My son is a police officer, too, so he’d always say, ‘Hey, how’s your son doing?’ Small talk like that.”
Quevedo was stunned that the officer would take his own life.

“I saw him last week with his brother ... He was smoking a cigarette outside. There was no indication he would do anything like that,” Quevedo said. “It's a shame when you wake up and hear something like that. I wish he would've reached out for help.”
NY Daily News

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