Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gwinnett County GA murder suspect arrested after 13 years on the run

GWINNETT COUNTY GA Jan 11 017  - A suspect is behind bars for the 2004 murder of a Gwinnett County woman after eluding police for more than a decade.
Nicolas Herminio-Reyes is at the Gwinnett County Jail after nearly 13 years on the run.
It turns out he was actually picked up in California this past summer and finally brought back to Gwinnett this weekend for the murder of his girlfriend.
For more than a decade, Sadot Ozuna-Carmona’s murder sometime in the overnight hours of August 1, 2004 had been left without closure.
An arrest warrant from 13 years ago shows, Ozuna-Carmona was stabbed twice with a military type knife in a Norcross apartment complex on Amber Road where she lived with her boyfriend.
He is now the one behind bars charged with her murder from all those years ago.
Herminio-Reyes was picked up in San Jose, California.
The Gwinnett warrant for his arrest popped.
Gwinnett Police flew out to talk to him in November, but he didn’t want talk then.
They eventually brought him back to the county jail this past weekend.
The initial incident report from 2004 shows investigators learned Herminio-Reyes and Ozuna-Carmona lived together in that apartment where she was found dead.
They also learned the two were in an argument just hours before she was killed.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement told 11Alive News that Herminio-Reyes is in the country illegally.
A spokesperson said that will be dealt with eventually but not until after the Gwinnett County case is closed.

That means if and when he is convicted he will serve his time in the United States first.
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