Monday, January 23, 2017

Armed robbery reported at Chicago Walmart store


Chicago IL Jan 23 2017 A man pulled a gun inside a crowded Walmart on the South Side on Saturday night during an apparent attempted robbery, according to police and a staffer.
Officers were called to the Walmart at 8331 S. Stewart Ave. in the West Chatham neighborhood about 8:15 p.m., according to police.
No injuries have been reported, police said.
A cashier at the Walmart said a man wearing a red jacket and blue jeans entered the store and was in the line at the Money Center when he suddenly brandished a gun and apparently tried to rob another customer in the line.
He did not shoot the gun and ran away after pulling it out, she said.
Police officers rushed in and searched the store as frightened staffers and patrons tried to run out.
“Everybody ran; it was real crowded in the store,’’ the cashier said.
“It made everybody freak out because that's dangerous – there was babies in line at the front registers ... people with kids shopping ... were tripping over each other,'' she said.
“No one’s shot,’’ she said. “Everyone’s OK,’’ the cashier said.
Serena Brown, 20, of Englewood, said she was in the customer service area with her baby cousin in his stroller when a woman ran past her toward the back of the store yelling, "He got a gun! He got a gun!"
Brown also ran toward the back of the store. She said she didn't hear any gunshots, but there were a few people screaming.
"It was a normal Walmart day; it was busy," Brown said.
Brown's cousin, Terry Brown, 47, of Englewood, who was in a self-checkout line, said she heard a lot of commotion and saw people dropping to the ground. Her first instinct was to find her cousin, so she ran outside.
"I'm all shook up, I'm still shook up," Terry Brown said. "We thinking we won't be back over here."

Police were reviewing video surveillance form the Money Center.
Chicago Tribune

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