Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Student arrested, weapons found in dorm room at Heidelberg University privateofficer.com

TIFFIN, Ohio Dec 6 2016- TIffin police arrested a Heidelberg University student after a situation on campus just before noon on Monday.
According to police, David Conrad, 18, threatened his girlfriend. The female student then called campus security and warned them about potential weapons inside Conrad's dorm room.
Campus police called the Tiffin Police Department. Officer responded to the residence hall and found Conrad outside. They searched the room and found a shotgun, .45 caliber handgun, several knifes, a blowdart gun and two pair of brass knuckles.
Conrad is charged with aggravated menacing and drug charges. Weapons charges are pending after review of the case from the County Prosecutor's office.
Police say Conrad was cooperative and arrested without incident. He is no longer on campus and is not allowed back on campus should he be released at a later date.
A statement from a Heidelberg University spokesperson reads as follows, "On Monday, December 5, 2016, Heidelberg Campus Security and the Tiffin Police Department averted a potential incident in a university residence hall. Shortly before noon, Security was alerted by a student, who was reportedly threatened by another student. No one was injured.
One student was arrested without incident. Upon further investigation, Tiffin Police and Security confirmed that weapons were found in the arrested student's residence hall room.

The arrested student is no longer on campus. We are continuing to cooperate as needed with local law enforcement."

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