Friday, December 23, 2016

Solano mall, security firm hit by a third lawsuit

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FAIRFIELD CA Dec 23 2016 — A third lawsuit involving violent attacks on shoppers at the Solano Town Center mall parking lot was filed Tuesday, accusing the mall owners and operators and their contracted private security firm of negligence.
Thelma Meyer’s lawsuit claims she was walking from her car to the H&M store on the evening of June 11, 2015, when a woman grabbed at her purse. The two women struggled over the purse until Meyer was dragged to her assailant’s nearby parked car. As the assailant fled the mall with the purse, Meyer was knocked to the ground and injured.
Meyer is represented by attorney Stephen J. Brady, who also represents Janet Blythe and the family of Cheryl Sherwood. Their pending lawsuits are scheduled for review in January in Solano County Superior Court.
Blythe filed her lawsuit in August 2015. She claims she was attacked and robbed at the mall on the evening of June 11, 2015, as she walked back to her car after shopping at the JC Penney store. Blythe reported a man attacked her and dragged her across the parking lot while trying to steal her briefcase. She had to undergo surgery and have pins inserted in two broken fingers that she injured in the struggle.
The husband and mother of Cheryl Sherwood filed their lawsuit against the mall in August. Sherwood was attacked and robbed and fatally struck once in the head with a baseball bat during the Feb. 3 daytime robbery.
The wrongful death and negligence lawsuit uses nearly identical language included in the other lawsuits, claiming the mall had insufficient security measures in place to deter, detect and prevent crimes.

The lawsuits claim that between July 2014 and July 2015, Fairfield police responded to 600 calls for service at the mall, including 10 reports of assaults, 18 car thefts, several fights, suspicious people with weapons, vandalism and thefts.

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