Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shoplifter slams vehicle into two patrol cars privateofficer.com

Southaven MS Dec 13 2016 Two women were arrested and charged after a shoplifting incident ended in a multi-vehicle crash involving patrol cars.
Linda Gross, 41, is charged with simple assault- public servant, shop lifting, among numerous others.
Gross was caught shoplifting at a Walmart in Southaven in the 6800 block of Southcrest Pkwy, police said.
She then attacked an employee and tried to flee the scene; however, while trying to run, she slammed her vehicle into at least two patrol cars, police said.
Officers, according to police, chased Gross on Interstate- 55. She was apprehended shortly after a foot chase.

Lashanda Tucker was with Linda Gross and is charged with disorderly conduct.

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