Sunday, December 11, 2016

Security officer shoots-kills off-duty security guard during robbery

Egan MN Dec 11 2016
In a new and sad twist in last week’s fatal shooting by a private security officer, Eagan police now say that the man killed was also a security officer.
Police now say that the security guard and the masked man he killed early Monday both worked for the same company.
The security officer was publicly identified today (Friday) as Young Vang.
Police say Vang and the man who was killed, 25-year-old Davon Wiley, both worked at the Mill City Protective Agency.
Wiley was not on duty at the time of the incident, which occurred in a parking lot at a building that was a collection site for the Operation Christmas Child program.
Police say the theft of donated items and money might have been a motive.

Eagan Police say Wiley was wearing a mask, and it supports the Vang's claim he was attacked by a man with a gun.
When Vang fought back, he ended up killing Wiley.
Vang suffered minor injuries.
Police do not believe any criminal charges will be filed against Vang.

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