Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Security Officer Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect privateofficer.com

EAGAN, Minn. Dec 6 2016 Police say a security officer shot and killed a masked man after a reported attempted robbery early Monday morning.
Officers in Eagan were dispatched to the 900 block of Aldrin Drive just after midnight when a security officer called 911 to report  he had shot an armed person who was trying to rob him.
On arrival officers found a man dead from a gunshot wound in the parking lot of the Aldrin Building.
An Eagan Police spokesman says the armed suspect was wearing a mask, which supports the security officer's story that he was working at what is described as a moving company of sorts when he was attacked by a man with a gun.
The security officer told police that he fought back, and during the altercation shot and killed his attacker.
The security officer suffered minor injuries. He was not taken to the hospital.
Investigators on the scene say that the building is currently being used as a collection spot for Operation Christmas Child, part of the Samaritan Purse Ministries and that the assailant may have been trying to steal donated items and money.
Eagan Police have not officially confirmed this as a potential motive for the attack. 
Authorities are not seeking additional suspects in the incident, and insist there is no continuing danger to the public. 
Minnesota armed security officers are required to be licensed and go through a background check and mandatory training.

Private security officers have used deadly force 146 times during the past 19 days.

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