Sunday, December 11, 2016

Rochester police charge two with organized retail crimes

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ROCHESTER NH Dec 11 2016 - Two people are facing charges of organized retail crime enterprise for allegedly conspiring together to steal from the Rochester Walmart.
Ashleigh Starr, 31, whose last known address is in Brookfield, was indicted by the Strafford County grand jury last month on three counts of Class B felony organized retail crime enterprise, for allegedly working with 23-year-old Deon Selles to return stolen items from Walmart in exchange for gift cards.
The two allegedly worked together on the thefts on May 15, May 23 and May 27.
According to a police affidavit supporting Starr's charges, Walmart's loss prevention department called police on June 3, stating that a man took replacement razors from the store without paying for them and then fled when confronted. The man ran toward the woods and eventually back to a car, which was registered in Selles's name.
A police sergeant located the car on Little Falls Bridge Road and stopped it. In the car were Starr and Selles, both of whom denied any thefts, the affidavit states.
Loss prevention at Walmart later called police and said that after reviewing additional surveillance footage, they have found three other theft incidents. During these incidents, Selles allegedly selects items from the store - such as light bulbs, makeup, a replacement tooth brush head, and three Neutrogena items. Starr is later seen going into the store and returning the stolen items in exchange for Walmart gift cards, according to the Rochester police affidavit.
One Dec. 1, Starr pleaded guilty to one count of organized retail crime enterprise, for conspiring to steal from Walmart on May 15, and the other two counts against her were nolle prossed, meaning they will not be prosecuted.
According to court documents, Starr is currently on administrative home confinement in connection with three drug charges out of Nashua.
For the organized retail crime enterprise charge in Rochester, Starr was sentenced on Dec. 1 to one year in jail, suspended for two years. She will not have to serve the sentence as long as she remains on good behavior during that time. The suspended sentence will begin after her home confinement is concluded on the Nashua charges.
Starr was also ordered to pay $174.66 in restitution to Walmart, in conjunction with Selles.
Rochester police also charged Selles with four counts of Class B misdemeanor willful concealment and three counts of Class B felony organized retail crime enterprise, in connection with the Walmart thefts, said Police Capt. Gary Boudreau. Selles is a Nashua resident, he said.
At this time, it appears that Selles' court case has not yet reached a conclusion.
Each organized retail crime enterprise charge is a Class B felony, carrying a maximum possible sentence of 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison if convicted.
According to Boudreau, the charge applies to those who work together to defraud a person or business. Because Selles and Starr were accused of working together on the Walmart thefts, they were charged with organized retail crime enterprise and not simply willful concealment, which is typically a misdemeanor offense.

An indictment is not an indication of guilt; rather, it means the grand jury found sufficient evidence to warrant a trial. 

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