Saturday, December 17, 2016

N.J. Firefighter Loses Job Over $7.98 Shoplifting Conviction

Atlantic County NJ Dec 17 2016 A New Jersey court has ruled that a former Margate firefighter, convicted of shoplifting in August 2015 won’t regain his position.
According to, Ashton G. Funk, 34, stole $7.98 of merchandise from a Wawa store.
The website reported a Atlantic County Superior Court judge turned down Funk’s appeal of an order that Funk surrender his public employment following his December 2015 conviction for shoplifting. Funk was a $78,000-a-year firefighter and a lifeguard, also for the city of Margate.

The prosecutor pushed for Funk’s dismissal from his job because he had been found guilty of a crime involving dishonesty and is subject to the forfeiture of current employment if convicted of an offense whether it was on duty or off.

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