Friday, December 30, 2016

Indianapolis hotel security officer kidnapped

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Dec 30 2016Private Officer News Staff

A hotel security officer has been kidnapped, assaulted and possibly sexual abused after she came to the aid of a woman being attacked in her room.
Indianapolis police responded to the Extended Stay hotel near I-465 and I-69 after a woman reported being attacked and sexually assaulted and a security guard kidnapped at gunpoint.
A woman told police she invited a teenager she met just days earlier to her hotel room, but when the young man arrived, the woman claims he got violent and sexually assaulted her inside her room.
Eventually, a female security guard came to the woman’s room to help, but police say the suspect physically assaulted the security officer, forced the unarmed security guard into her own car at gunpoint and sped away from the hotel.
“We believe the suspect took the woman from place to place throughout the city and so we’re trying to determine what was going on inside the vehicle,” said Hamer.
An Indianapolis Metropolitan officer later spotted the stolen car, along with the abducted security officer, at 34th and Massachusetts Avenue and arrested the suspect.
When officers put out a description of her vehicle, an officer in the area noticed the plate and realized it was her in the vehicle and arrested male that took her from the hotel.
Both victims were taken to the hospital but are going to be okay.  Police say the young age of the suspect and the violent nature of the crimes are unusual.

The 16-year-old suspect is facing several charges including rape, criminal confinement, battery and pointing a firearm without a license.

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