Monday, December 26, 2016

Gwinnett County deputy sheriff pays off student lunch balances at school

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GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. Dec 26 2016- In place of Christmas presents, a local family chose to help 150 others behind in paying off their school lunch accounts.
They didn't do it for recognition, and did not want to speak to Channel 2 Action News about their good deed, but others who know the family wanted to say thank you.
"I thought it was a very creative way to give to families who may be having some financial struggles during the Christmas season,” Deputy Shannon Volkodav said about her co-worker Cpl. Matt Stoner.
Stoner’s family decided not to exchange Christmas presents this year. Instead, they wanted to help others.
“He paid off the meal accounts for an entire high school,” Volkodav said.
The Stoner family’s donation paid off the account of 150 Central Gwinnett High School students, giving each student full meal access come January.
"What Cpl. Stoner and his family did exemplifies the true spirit of Christmas. It is the season of giving and I really hope anyone who hears what they did will inspire them to do something,” Volkodav said.

The school sent a statement that read in part, "This is just another example of the giving that takes place in our community. As a school, we are appreciative of those who find ways to give back to the community by helping our students.”

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