Saturday, December 17, 2016

California security officer takes down armed robber

A robbery suspect prepares to throw an object against the glass to try and break out of a store. (Source: KTLA/CNN/Steve Han)

SAN BERNARDINO, CA Dec 17 2016 The owner of a clothing store in California locked an alleged robber inside his store on Tuesday. A surveillance camera captured the scene.
"He almost stealed it,” said store owner Steve Han. An alleged robber locked inside a clothing store, desperately trying to break out.
According to Han, the owner of mix-and-match clothing boutique, the knife-wielding robber entered his store Tuesday afternoon. "I felt something uncomfortable to him so I'm watching him," Han said.
The suspect is seen on camera grabbing clothes, then Han says he threatened him with a weapon. "After he showed me the knife, I don't how I could protect him myself," Han said. So Han walked out, and locked the doors behind him.
The alleged robber was stuck inside. At one point, he throws a wooden block at the window to try and shatter the glass. Could he break the window? "No. It was lucky," Han said.
Meanwhile, Han is outside screaming for help. "Surveillance started to flag me down," said security guard Kevin Hawkins. Hawkins came to his aid.
By that time, the alleged robber had kicked down a back door and made his way out. "He actually came back to get his bike. At that time, he had a knife in his hand. I got rid of the knife. We had a little bit of a struggle. I didn't get any help from a lot of people, but people were taking pictures and videos,” Hawkins said. “We were just struggling and pushing and shoveling."
The former police officer was able to get a hold of him. "My training just kicked in," Hawkins said.
"He grabbed him until police came. Wow, I was very thankful," Han said. Police took the man into custody.
Hawkins was not hurt. He saw the video later. “He was like, I don't want to use the term 'a caged animal,' but that's how he was acting," Hawkins said.
His actions helped stop the suspect from getting away, but he doesn't want any credit. Hawkins doesn’t think he’s a hero. "Not at all," Hawkins said.
The store owner disagrees. "I could say hero," Han said.

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