Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Women wanted for shoplifting and possession of drugs apprehended in storm drain

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COLUMBIA, Mo. Nov 16 2016- Officers were dispatched to the Columbia Mall parking lot on Sunday because of a trespasser. The trespasser, Melissa Harrison, was wanted for receiving stolen property and possession of controlled substance from Saturday night.
Columbia Mall Security said that Harrison was back on the Columbia Mall parking lot attempting to retrieve a vehicle. Columbia Mall Security told officers that while they were still en route, Harrison ran into the wooded area south of the mall parking lot.
Officers saw Harrison running south from the wooded area across Worley Street into another wooded area. Harrison was apprehended in a storm drain tunnel underneath Worley Street.

Harrison had previously been issued a trespass warning by mall security for all of Columbia Mall property Saturday evening. Harrison was arrested for resisting arrest with a bond of $4,500, trespassing with a bond of $500 and a warrant for the original charge of burglary and stealing with a bond of $15,000.

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