Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wentzville couple carjacked by 2 teens, 1 adult

Wentzville, Missouri Nov 23 2016
A late night shopping trip turns into a carjacking, then high speed chase down Interstate 270. It started late Friday night in a Walmart parking lot in Wentzville, Missouri.
The victim of this carjacking, who asked Five On Your Side to identify him only as 'George' for his safety, says his trip to Walmart took a dark turn when two teens, aged 14 and 15, confronted him with a gun in the parking lot.
When you work the second shift, shopping at night can be a part of life.  So for George and his girlfriend, a quick drive to Walmart Friday night was nothing out of the ordinary.
"As I turned back around to get something out of the car, two of them were in my face with guns to my face," said George, a Wentzville native.
George's girlfriend was in the passenger seat.
"They jerked her out of the car and started scrambling around the car. I went up and grabbed her," said George.
Before they were able to get away, George says one of the carjackers hit his girlfriend in the head with a gun. After that, the couple was able to run into Walmart where they found a Wentzville police officer.
The carjackers took off in the car, but police were already in hot pursuit onto Interstate 70 eastbound.
"Stop sticks were deployed, the suspect car was able to avoid them at that time," said Major Paul West with the Wentzville Police Department.
The high speed chase ended at I-270 and Page when the stolen SUV hit a concrete median and rolled.
Inside, police heard a gunshot.
"The driver had sustained a gunshot wound to the head. It is undetermined if it was intentional or accidental," said West.
The the suspects are ages 14, 15 and 22. All of them allegedly had guns.
The 22-year-old has been identified as Terrence E. Mayfield of St. Louis. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree robbery, one count of second-degree assault, armed criminal action, stealing a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.
George says in hindsight, there's not much he thinks he could've done differently.
"We're not shopping at night anymore," said George.
Wentzville police tell us the suspects were from St. Louis, and the suspect with the gunshot wound is expected to recover.

No charges have yet been announced.

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