Thursday, November 3, 2016

Taco Bell employee assaults customer with martial arts kicks

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SALT LAKE CITY UT Nov 3 2016 — Police arrested a fast-food employee after he allegedly took an unruly customer outside and then assaulted him using martial arts-style kicks.
Just after 4 p.m., a 64-year-old man inside Taco Bell, 621 E. 400 South, was upset that his order wasn't correct and began creating a disturbance, according to Salt Lake police.
As the man was being escorted out, he got a little "unruly" with an employee and took a swing at him, according to a police report. A female employee who saw what was happening ran outside to try and calm everyone down, but she was allegedly shoved by the customer.
That prompted employee Duane Massie, 23, to punch the man, followed by several kicks to the face and body, police said.
Massie reported that he is a second-degree green belt in Muay Thai-style fighting.
The unruly customer suffered severe bruising to his face and internal bleeding and was transported to a local hospital in serious condition.
After the incident, Massie clocked out and went home, where Salt Lake police later arrested him for investigation of aggravated assault.

It was not immediately known Wednesday whether the customer who was escorted out of the restaurant would face charges.

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