Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Security officer murder was a "hit"

A Chicago security officer was shot and killed to silence him and keep him from testifying about something that he had witnessed while working security at a bar.
Brookfield Police Chief James Episcopo said Monday that Michael Smith was shot and killed outside his Brookfield home in a retaliatory "execution."
33-year-old Smith was gunned down in January of this year because he was a witness for the prosecution according to Federal officials.
Smith worked security at the now-closed Shrine Nightclub in the South Loop and was a witness in a court case that involved 39-year-old Comfort Robinson. Robinson was involved in an altercation at the club in 2015 and Smith was working security at the time.
Police say Smith was scheduled to testify against Robinson when 25-year-old Jermaine Douglas followed him home, and then shot and killed him while he sat in his car on January 27.
According to police, a third man, 29-year-old DeJuyon Johnican, conspired with Robinson and Douglas to commit this murder.
Police worked this case and followed the leads for months and now all three are behind bars.
"These are evil men. Michael Smith was in the prime of his life and was killed for doing his job," said Brookfield Police Chief James Episcopo.
Police had been looking for Douglas in this case. They finally arrested him last week after a police chase and crash in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. Douglas is being held without bond. Robinson and Johnican are being held right now on $250,000 bond.

Brookfield police worked with several other agencies, including the FBI and Major Crimes Task Force to bring these men in.

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