Friday, November 4, 2016

N.J. man was beaten by NBC guards for Bill Clinton 'rape' shirt, lawsuit says

NEW YORK NY Nov 4 2016 — A North Jersey man who alleges security guards for NBC's Today show beat him for wearing a T-shirt that called former President Bill Clinton a rapist has filed a $52 million lawsuit.
Mark Gallagher, 23, of Oak Ridge, says guards grabbed him by the arm and neck and struck him in the head and knee before police arrested him on a trespass charge, according to
Gallagher, a Donald Trump supporter, admitted he wore the shirt to try to win money from InfoWars blogger Alex Jones. Jones has said he'll pay anyone $1,000 if they make it on television for at least five seconds wearing a Clinton rape shirt or $5,000 if viewers can hear the phrase, "Bill Clinton is a rapist."
Gallagher said he was still wearing a sweater over the T-shirt on Oct. 13 when security hauled him away from the outdoor viewing area. The social worker says security knew who he was because he succeeded in pulling off a similar stunt the previous day on ABC's Good Morning America.
The T-shirt shows Clinton's face in the style of the President Obama "hope" poster with the word "rape" underneath it. In addition to NBC, landlord Tishman Speyer, and their unidentified security guards are named as defendants in the suit, said.
Gallagher's attorney told the Post the criminal trespass charge will be tossed if his client stays out of trouble for six months. 

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