Sunday, November 6, 2016

Murder of Security Officer Could Be Connected To Hotel Murder


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Nov 6 2016
By Rick McCann
Private Officer International

Two unsolved murders which happened a few months and a few miles apart have some in Albuquerque wondering if they’re connected and why.
Nearly six months ago, a hotel security officer patrolling the property discovered the body of a deceased man and contacted police.
55-year-old Thomas Mitchell was dead in the parking lot of Hotel Cascada and an autopsy report released on Friday shows that he died from “blunt force and asphyxial injuries” and that his death was a homicide.
Stephen Wills, the security officer called police around 2 a.m. to report that he found Mitchell dead, his legs and torso under a car parked at the hotel.
 Mitchell had blood on his face and visible injuries to the left side of his head according to an officer’s report.
Mitchell’s toxicology report also showed that he had a large amount of alcohol in his system.
The security officer had also reported to police that earlier in the night he had encountered another man at the hotel. That 18-year-old man, was “covered in blood,” banging his head against a wall in the parking lot, according to a police report.
After Wills found Mitchell dead in the parking lot, he again spotted the 18-year-old as the man was getting into a car and detained him.
Police learned the teen had been staying at the hotel for a friend’s graduation party, and he told them he had been in a scuffle before the security guard found him, outside and bloody.
The teen said he was “getting beaten and he fought back.”
The officers put the teen in a hazmat suit and took DNA samples, photographs of his injuries and fingerprints, standard practice for people suspected in homicides.
Police have refused to say if the teen is a suspect in Mitchell’s death or if they believe he acted in self-defense.
They are also still not releasing any further details about the death of Mitchell.
A few months later, the security officer who found Mitchell was himself gunned down while on duty at an apartment complex.
Police say it appears that the murders and timing are just a coincidence, but the unanswered questions about Mitchell’s death, the mystery apprehension of the teen covered in blood and the death of the security officer who found the homicide victim and a possible suspect all seem to be too coincidental for some including a 30 year homicide veteran that is familiar with both cases.
Albuquerque police continue to insist that there is no evidence connecting the two deaths.
But they have also been mum on Wills’ death, refusing to release police reports in the case. His autopsy shows that he was shot eight times in the face, chest and arms.
 “Wills was an honorably discharged Army veteran, father, and dedicated employee of a local private security company who provides security patrols to local businesses,” APD spokesman Tanner Tixier said in an email.
Many apartment residents spoke fondly of Wills, saying he would frequently check on them.
Both cases remain unsolved.

This is a story that we have followed for months and will continue to ask questions and investigate.

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