Friday, November 18, 2016

Firefighter on leave for alleged sex act at Troy Walmart

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TROY OH Nov 18 2016
A Harrison Twp. firefighter is on unpaid leave after he was accused of performing a sex act on himself in the parking lot of the Troy Walmart earlier this month.
Keith Bousquette, 39, of Troy, was placed on unpaid leave today, according to Harrison Twp. officials.
Bousquette is charged with public indecency after Troy police received a report that he was performing a sex act on himself in the store’s parking lot on Nov. 7.
“I was in the Walmart parking lot and saw a vehicle I believed to be of a female friend and parked next to it,” Bousquette wrote in a statement to Troy police. “I exposed myself as a joke to who I thought was my friend and turned out that it was not.”
According to police, the woman who reported the crime called her husband, who followed Bousquette’s vehicle after the alleged incident and was able to provide a license plate number that led to officers charging the 39-year-old.

Bousquette has been with the fire department since Jan. 2008 and is listed as a full-time firefighter on the township’s website.

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