Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Female Seattle security officer attacked-robbed at knifepoint privateofficer.com

Seattle WA Nov 29 2016
A female security officer on patrol has been robbed at knifepoint and police are still searching for the suspect.

Police responded to the armed robbery at the 1400 block of N.W. 46th Street and met with a security guard who told them that a man armed with a knife tried to rob her.
The security officer for the building at the location said that she was patrolling the area near the intersection of northwest 46th Street and Northwest Ballard Way, when she noticed a man hiding behind a large plant.
She thought it was suspicious and crossed the street to get some distant between her and the suspect and at this point the man emerged and ran toward her.
He was carrying a black briefcase. He dropped it as he got close to her and pulled out a knife. The suspect held the knife to the victim’s throat and told her to give him her money.
She told him she didn't have any money.
Police say that the man got angry and said he was going to cut her. The suspect fell against the victim’s car, which was parked on the street.
The security officer was able to grab the knife and bit the suspect on his arm and leg and then threw him to the ground. The suspect fled.
In the scuffle the suspect punched her in the face and cut her pinky finger.
The Seattle Fire Department treated the woman at the scene.
The man was described as 40 years old and wearing a large green jacket with a large hoodie. Police searched the area with a K9 unit but were unable to find the suspect.

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