Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cop slaps NYPD supervisors with $5.5M discrimination suit

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New York NY Nov 24 2016 NYPD supervisors forced a police officer into retirement by transferring her to patrol after 20 years on the job — where other cops called her the “oldest rookie ever in the NYPD,” according to a $5.5 million discrimination lawsuit.
Doreen Debattista, 49, worked in an NYPD traffic enforcement squad, focusing on taxis, from March 1996 until June 2016, she said in papers filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court.
When Debattista returned from vacation in October 2015, two of her bosses told her “we didn’t think you would come back,” because she had been on the force for some 20 years, said her lawyer, Rocco Avallone.
In April 2016, Debattista got flak for not making enough arrests, according to her lawsuit.
Debattista defended herself by stressing that her unit is responsible for issuing citations, not arresting people, the lawsuit said.
Debattista believes she “was being singled out because of her gender and age.”
She filed a retaliation complaint against her unit’s supervisors on June 13.
The 49-year-old was told to take a drug test the next day. On June 16, her supervisors said they were transferring her to patrol duty at the 9th Precinct, in the East Village, the lawsuit said.
She hadn’t been on patrol in 20 years, she said.
Her cops started calling her “the ‘oldest rookie ever in the NYPD,’” the suit said.
She ultimately felt “forced” to retire because of discrimination, the suit claimed.

The city Law Department said the complaint will be reviewed.
NY Daily News

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