Friday, November 18, 2016

Clayton County GA schools hiring 20 additional campus security officers

JONESBORO GA Nov 18 2016 — The Clayton County Public Schools Safety and Security Division is in the process of hiring 20 additional high school campus security officers.
The Clayton County School Board approved the $630,000 measure last week 8-1 with board member Michael King dissenting.
“We need to have more people we can count on to monitor hallways,” said Superintendent Luvenia Jackson.
“I think it’s needed. I don’t have a problem with it,” added board member Jessie Goree.
The district currently employees 22 CSOs. The 20 additional security officers is “a step in the right direction,” according to Chief Thomas Trawick, director of the Safety and Security Division with CCPS.
“From my perspective we didn’t have enough resources,” Trawick said.
A CSOs job is three-fold. The first is to assist with maintaining the safety and security of school campuses. That includes checking to make sure doors are secure, conducting interior and exterior walks around the buildings and to monitor security cameras.
The second is to be a positive role model for students. The third is to act as a consultant between students, school administration and School Resource Officers, described Trawick.
“The (CSOs) may see a situation that compromises a student or may have heard about a problem someone is having,” Trawick said. “Our students trust their CSOs and have built relationships with them. That allows them to conduct conflict resolution strategies before an SRO is called.”
Trawick said the new hires are a positive thing for the community, students and schools.
“I’m one of those that believes in being proactive instead of reactive,” Trawick said. “This will bring more mentors to our schools. Someone to just be that person in the hallway that students can trust.”
The new employees will join the existing CSOs, 50 SROs and five administrative staff.

Trawick said he expects to have the positions filled by the new year.

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