Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cal. court security officer-deputy shoot and kill man stabbing wife

Chatsworth CA Nov 2 2016 A sheriff’s deputy and a security officer shot and killed a knife-wielding husband in the act of stabbing his estranged wife outside a courthouse in Chatsworth on Monday, authorities said.
The couple, whose names remained undisclosed, had driven together to the courthouse, where the woman was tending to a traffic ticket, officials said.
Just after noon, they got into an argument. He stabbed her once in the car, which she was driving, and she ran from the car to the front of the courthouse, said sheriff’s Lt. Mike Rosson. The man pursued her to the steps of the courthouse, where he stabbed her several times with a large kitchen knife, Rosson said.
A deputy ordered the man to drop the knife before shooting, Rosson said. The sheriff’s deputy and security officer fired their weapons, officials said.
“She was still being actively stabbed,” at the time of the shooting, Rosson said, adding that the blade alone was about 12 inches.
Rosson said the gunfire saved the woman, who remained in critical but stable condition at a nearby hospital with stab wounds to her upper torso and defensive wounds to her hands and wrists. Her husband died at a local hospital.
Attorney Thomas Feher said he witnessed the shooting.
He told reporters that a lot attendant was saying “help, help we need help.”
Feher walked in to the courthouse to tell sheriff’s deputies, he said.
Feher said he walked back out and heard from the attendant that “he’s trying to kill her.” He ran back in the courthouse and yelled and then went back out to see the woman get of the car and run toward the courthouse. That’s when he saw the man get out of the same car with a knife and run after her, Feher said.
Feher said the man was shot three times, but not in the chest or head.
Chelsea Smith, 24, of Thousand Oaks, was inside the courthouse.
It was a “blur,” she said. “I only witnessed one deputy fire a shot or two. ... It definitely puts everything in perspective,” she said. “My other errands don’t seem as important.”
Not much more was immediately known about the couple.
Rosson said they were in their mid-20s and had been estranged for at least two weeks.
No hearings were scheduled for them at the courthouse.

“The only thing on the calendar was an outstanding ticket that the female had,” Rosson said.
LA Daily News

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