Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Businesses raise money for injured McKinleyville Shopping Center security officer

MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. Nov 9 2016 - Max Neff, a security guard, at the McKinleyville Shopping Center was presented with over $400.
The money was donated by locals and business owners in the area after Neff was assaulted while on the job.
Neff said he is speechless with the community’s gesture.
"It's amazing,” Neff said. ”The whole community stuck up for me and I sure appreciate it. I really do."
Shari Martinsen, who owns a business in the shopping center, said it was the least they could do to give back to Max. A person she said has made the shopping center safe for everyone.
"People are very grateful that he's here,” Martinsen said. “So I think it was really easy for us to come together and say thank you."

Neff said he plans to use the money to take his wife out to dinner. As well as fixing his car since he drives from Crescent City every day for work.

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