Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Paterson schools hires 11 security officers-75 short of last year's staffing

Paterson Board of Education offices
PATERSON NJ Oct 19 2016 – Eleven additional security guards were deployed in Paterson schools last week as part of an effort to restore some of the cuts made this year because of budget problems, officials said.
The district has not disclosed how much money is being spent on the 11 additional or where those funds are coming from.
District spokeswoman Terry Corallo would not disclose what schools the added guards were assigned to, saying “it’s a matter of security” and that the district believes “it is not wise to provide all of the details.”
The additions leave the district about 75 security guards short of last year’s levels. Over the summer, the district cut about 30 percent of its more than 270-member security force to balance the budget, officials said.
The district uses a combination of guards from a private company, staff security officers and off-duty Paterson police to form its security force. Corallo would not reveal how many of the 11 officers came from each of the three types of security, saying only that it was a combination. 

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