Thursday, October 20, 2016

Man charged with assaulting Fayette Mall security officers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. Oct 20 2016 - A man was arrested after hitting a security guard at the Fayette Mall.
Lexington police arrested 26-year-old Cortez Milton on Saturday at the mall.
Police say the incident started when Milton was flirting with a girl who rejected him. According to police, the girl's rejection made Milton angry, so he smashed the glass from a fire alarm.
When mall security guards asked Milton and his friends to leave, police say Milton hit one of the guards, who also happens to be a Fayette County constable. The constable only suffered minor injuries.
The security guards were able to hold Milton until police arrived. Police say Milton threatened to kill the arresting officers.
Milton is charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and terroristic threatening.

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