Monday, October 17, 2016

Forty seven violent week-end incidents against security officers reported

CHARLOTTE NC Oct 17 2016
Forty seven incidents of physical violence against private security officers were recorded this week-end between Friday 6 PM and Sunday at midnight.
These incidents involved fourteen security officers who were shot, four critically, three stabbed, including one stabbed in an eye and one stabbed in the back, and four security officers run over by motor vehicles.
These numbers only reflect the incidents reported by either the media or law enforcement and do not factor in assaults, threats of bodily harm or other workplace violence incidents that may have occurred during these hours.
Some of the more notable incidents reported by the media include the attack and stabbing of a security officer protecting supermodel Maranda Kerr. Police report someone illegally entered the property and when confronted by the security officer, the man stabbed him in the eye. The security officer shot his attacker and both remain hospitalized.
Two security officers were run over in apartment complex parking lot in Dallas and injured after a confrontation with a trespasser. Both were reportedly injured but doing well.
A contract security officer working at the Lincoln University homecoming was shot by a stray bullet while driving. Police say the female security officer underwent surgery and that no arrests were made.
An Indianapolis security officer was involved in a confrontation with a man at a nightclub and as the man drove off he fired several rounds at the security officer striking him in the chest. The security officer underwent surgery and is listed in good condition.

A Pittsburgh housing authority officer was run over by a vehicle and the officer shot the driver. Police say that the driver, who was trespassing, jumped into his vehicle after being confronted by officers and struck one of the two officers.
He has been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.
A Lynchburg Virginia college security officer was also injured by a trespasser during an incident and when he tried to flee, the trespasser struck a security officer and a pedestrian with his vehicle. A warrant has been issued for that driver.
Security officers in Georgia, New York, Indiana, California and Nebraska were also shot during this time period.
And there were eleven other incidents where guns were pointed at security officers including situations that involved a Kohl’s loss prevention agent in Texas and a Target asset protection specialist in Illinois during shoplifting incidents.

Just last week prosecutors decided not to prosecute four other security officers who fatally shot their attackers calling them all, justifiable self-defense.

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